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Review: TEOTFW

The Secret life of Walter Mitty is one of those movies that no matter what walk of life you come form, you can relate to. His fantasies throughout the movie speaks to anyone and everyone who felt something towards someone. His fantasies with his object of desire is any boy who falls in love with a girl. His fights with the new boss, is anyone who has had a bad relationship with their supervisor. The movie made the viewer assured that every fantasy was too fantastical to be true.

Eventually, Mitty goes on his own real-life adventures, in the movie, ones which if you had a bucket list, these would be the places you ventured. Not once did he get the girl or hit his boss in the face, as his justice was assuredly passive aggressive. Therefore, when these impossible feats happen in real life, we all wish we could be in their shoes. So, when I heard about TEOTFW (The End of the F*$king World), where one of the main characters becomes nihilistic, and act upon these fantasies.

We meet James, a young adult, who goes through life, not caring about himself and is nonchalant about hi relationships and surroundings. This change when he meets Alyssa, his girlfriend, who despite his abuses, and violent behavior, is like a puppy dog in love. Eventually, James starts killing people, leaving a ton of bodies in his wake, and with the police on his trial, but James and Alyssa’s bond becomes even stronger. By book’s end, James and Alyssa got caught, but everyone who they across including the police officer hunting them, becomes affected this murderous duo.

Overall, a hard-hitting, frightening look at inhumanity and the darkness that occupies all of us, as it this is an exercise in restraint, and those without it. The story By Charles Forsman was scary, suspenseful, and disturbing. The art by Forsman reminds of Garry Trudeau’s work on Doonesbury. Altogether, a crazy ride, which will make the reader understand, that everyone is one bad choice from ruining their lives.

Story: Charles Forsman Art: Charles Forsman
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy