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Days of Hate Takes Us to a United States Falling Apart

Bestselling writer Aleš Kot teams up with artist Danijel Žeželj and Eisner-winning colorist Jordie Bellaire for an all new maxi-series in the gritty American thriller tragedy Days of Hate.

Days of Hate is set in The United States of America in 2022. The loss that ripped two of its main protagonists apart drove one into the arms of the police state and the other towards a guerrilla war against the white supremacy. Now they meet again, on the opposing sides—and all hell has broken loose.

In the release, Kot said:

Days of Hate is all about the characters. It’s about them living in a country that is falling apart. It’s about love, hate, war, tragedy, and layers of intrigue and double-crossing. It’s about the things people do to survive and to live—and about killing Nazis.

Days of Hate #1 (Diamond Code NOV170638) hits stores on Wednesday, January 17th.

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