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Review: The Mighty Crusaders #1

“Back in the Saddle.” The mightiest team of superheroes are back! A throw-down with a prehistoric terror in the heart of Washington D.C. sets the stage for the dramatic return of a wayward hero! Meanwhile, half a world away, a sinister plan begins to awaken an ancient evil!

The Mighty Crusaders are back and with it Dark Circle Comics, the superhero line from Archie Comics. Written by Ian Flynn the issue is in a way a reboot, a continuation, and a fresh start. The Mighty Crusaders #1 has a tough task in that it needs to introduce this team to new readers, get them excited, and then honor what’s come before. It does an excellent job in balancing all of that and more so in a first issue that when it gets rolling is really good.

The issue kicks off with a battle that feels like most of the typical battles out there and actually stumbles a bit. But, when things get going after and things calm down, the series begins to get really interesting. Flynn focuses on the characters and their personalities and specifically how do you lead all of them. That is actually the fresh aspect of it all and if the series focuses on the personalities more than the action we’ve got a series that will stand out from the pack.

The art by Kelsey Shannon is good. There’s a kids aspect to it but as it gets going like the story, the art finds a groove and depicts everything in a way that’s again interesting. The characters each have a very distinct style and the way the settings are included, the package is entertaining.

The issue is a slow start. It takes a bit to get going, but when it does, it does so in a way that’s unexpected. Instead of using action to distract and entertain, we’re instead treated to the characters themselves and their struggle working together. Through the dialogue things are set up in a way that make them stand out and be intriguing. This will be an interesting one to watch going forward and see if it pays off in its promise.

Story: Ian Flynn Art: Kelsey Shannon
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Archie Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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