Preview: The Shadow/Batman #3

The Shadow/Batman #3

writer: Steve Orlando
artist: Giovanni Timpano
covers: Michael Kaluta (A), Brandon Peterson (B), Johnny Desjardins (C), Philip Tan (D), Giovanni Timpano (E-Sub)
Philip Tan (RI-B/W), Michael Kaluta (RI-Virgin), Johnny Desjardins (RI-B/W), Brandon Peterson (RI-B/W), Michael Kaluta (RI-B/W)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen +

Centuries ago, the Silent Seven put their hand around the world’s neck. They’ve never let go. From generation to generation, the famed invisible hand guiding the global economy, guiding progress, has been a clenched fist. But with their previous leader murdered in the street, who is currently at the helm of this shadow conspiracy, and how have they maintained their quiet threat for so long? Batman and the Shadow may not have the answer, but it’s a good thing Bruce Wayne and Allard Cranston do.