Review: Dark Ark #3

Something vile is lurking just beneath the surface of the fathomless floodwaters. As the rivalry between the various factions of monsters heats up on Shrae’s Ark, an evil from below rises to threaten every human life on board the vessel.

Writer Cullen Bunn has been building to this moment in a series which spans genres. The first two issues feel like a crime story/murder mystery, just set in Biblical times and on an Ark (not THAT Ark, the other one). This issue though flips that a bit as the murder is revealed and all hell breaks loose.

Dark Ark #3 is curious in that a lot is packed into one issue and what could have played out for another instead happens quickly bringing on new threats. You can get a sense of what has been coming from the previous issue but this feels like a pretty big pivot from the first two. None of that is bad though as the series evolves in some entertaining ways and still has me intrigued as to where it’s all going.

Bunn brings a tension to it all as accusations fly and interrogations are had. While I had suspicions as to who the murder is, it plays out well as Shrae attempts to figure it out and dispense justice, an odd concept considering the boat’s inhabitants. The issue builds though until the eventual reveal and explosion where all hell breaks loose.

Juan Doe‘s art continues to be fantastic and it feels like the art has gotten stronger with each issue. Each monster is unique with lots of personality that makes individuals from the group stand out. The style has grown on me a lot since the first issue and here it’s used to build the tension until the reveal and what happens after.

This issue was… unexpected. I fully expected the murder mystery to play out longer until the eventual confrontation but that wouldn’t be for another issue or two. Instead, things shift in many ways and it has me excited to see what happens next.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Juan Doe
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

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