Review: WWE #9-11


Between getting very busy, feeling I couldn’t do a proper review of the Roman Reigns arc from BOOM! Studios’ WWE comic series without the whole story in front of me, and some real world wrestling problems, it’s taken a while to sit down and actually write out these reviews. Roman Reigns is an interesting character within the WWE Universe, reviled through no faults of his own. The man can seem to do no right and the comics reflect this in his arc.

Starting immediately after Dean Ambrose winning the Money in the Bank briefcase in #8, Reign’s arc covers from his loss in the championship match at the 2017 Money in the Bank PPV and Ambrose’s contract cash-in right after through his coping with the loss of his title. The comic paints the World Heavyweight Title as his one big accomplishment amidst a sea of boos that can (and has) drowned out his blaring entrance music on occasion. This isn’t a story that’s finished yet but I’m looking forward to the moment everything wraps as neatly as sports entertainment and comics can manage.


Yet again, the way writer Dennis Hopeless weaves real life events with the kayfabe of the comics is always a delight, such as Reign’s suspension in #10. He also captures the characters of other WWE Superstars well, like John Cena’s preacher-esque sermon in #11. For this trio of arcs about the former Hounds of Justice, there isn’t a better person to hold the pen.

WWE_011_PRESS_7While I still love the art of illustrator Serg Acuña and think it’s a perfect fit for the action of the WWE comics, the moments where Tim Lattie steps in pull me out of the action with the slight style dissonance. Though Doug Garbark’s color work goes a long way to prevent that, it’s still there for me.

The back matter for these issues are just as strong as the others with stories like the birth of Goldust at WrestleMania XII, Becky Lynch’s wonderful pun-venture, and Randy Orton’s reminder that not everyone takes to the ring the same way.

Story: Dennis Hopless Art: Serg Acuña, Tim Lattie Color: Doug Garbark
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.5
Recommendation: A good entrance into the world of wrestling or a perfect ongoing piece of side media if you’re already a fan.

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review