Review: Expansion

Most casual readers dismiss science fiction as escapists fare. This is one unintended benefit of reading within the genre, but as one writer at another website, called it, protest fiction. The most popular example of this theory, is The Handmaid’s Tale, which in large, talked about the society’s widespread misogyny. Atwood expertly dissected each stereotype, making the reader look at the microaggressions that are all over society.

As good fiction makes you think, but good science fiction allows you to be entertained and think, as it expands your mind. What other genre of fiction, can say they made a child want to become a microbiologist or a surgeon? This genre develops minds, as its readers, considers the science within the stories. So, when I read Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward’s Expansion, it raised those same moral questions and in-depth scientific research.

We are taken to the middle of a temporal disturbance, where two spaceships, one from an advanced civilization and another from a divisive cult are stuck, one longer than the other. The crew from advanced civilization boards the other, where they time gap expands every minute they are there. Soon, a discovery of an ancient human society, leads to tempers flaring between the two crews, leading a skirmish between the two crews. By Book’s end, Darwinism wins, even when quantum physics is involved.

Overall, a great book that starts off as a captive story, but ultimately questions humans’ reaction to consequences. The story by Sheean and Ward, is quite profound. The art by Sheean and Ward is gorgeous. Altogether, a page turner that leaves its readers shook to the core.

Story and Art: Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy