Review: Jughead: The Hunger #1

Jughead Jones is a werewolf, and Reggie Mantle has fallen victim to Jughead’s monstrous ways. Now Betty Cooper: Werewolf Hunter along with Archie Andrews are hot on the trail of Jughead.

Just in time for Halloween, Archie Horror has launched its newest series, spinning out the Jughead: The Werewolf one-shot, a new ongoing series. What should be a silly idea that doesn’t work completely does and results in a fantastic first issue that sets up what’s to come. It continues Archie’s quality releases.

If you missed the one-shot, you don’t need to read it to appreciate this first issue. Writer Frank Tieri does an excellent job in catching readers up on where folks are at. A little is missed in whats led to this but new readers won’t have issues knowing what’s up or enjoying it.

Tieri really sets the mood for the comic as well as setting up the characters and what we might expect. It’s solid horror with a tenseness about it all and ominous chills leading up to many of the moments without going with cheap scares. Then there’s the fact we get to see Betty Cooper being a badass werewolf hunter. What little Tieri presents I’m counting down until we get to see her kick some werewolf ass.

The art by Pat and Tim Kennedy with inks from Bob Smith and Jim Amash, colors by Matt Herms, and letters by Jack Morelli set a fantastic mood. The Archie Horror line has a great aesthetic about it all where even though it’s different creative teams they all have a similar horror look. There’s a “voice” and “look” across the line that’s solid and creates an atmosphere that adds to the look and enjoyment.

Archie has another solid horror comic addition to their line-up. The comic is a concept that seems like it wouldn’t work but the comic not only does but exceeds expectations. Much like Afterlife with Archie, it’s a different spin on classic characters and one that twists them in a way that not only shows a love of the original material but also delivers a fun and entertaining new read and experience.

Story: Frank Tieri Art: Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy
Ink: Bob Smith, Jim Amash Colors: Matt Herms Letters: Jack Morelli
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Archie Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review