Review: Yo Miss: A Graphic Look at High School

Growing up, going to school, in New York, I was fortunate to go to private school and public school, when most ids usually get the latter. When I came back from Living in Trinidad, my grandparents wanted me and my sister to go to one of the best schools. So, we went to the same Catholic school, that my cousins went to, where we went to regular classes and even ah to go to mass once a week. So, when my parents came to live with us in New York, they decided that I should go to public school.

Public school was a world away from what I saw at Catholic school, kids were the same, teachers and classes not so much. Most of the teachers did not care whether we learned nor cared to even show us who they are. There were only a handful of teachers at Catholic school and public school who cared. So, when I read Yo Miss! Lisa Wilde’s year as a public-school teacher at a charter school, she reminded of some of them.

We are introduced to Lisa, a teacher who see as hopeful as most teachers, to change the world and mold young minds. Her zeal for the work soon wanes as the reality of teaching kids are considered “second chance”, becomes quite arduous. Throughout her many trails over the year, she is reminded of a quote by Maya Angelou, “All great achievements require time”, where she finally sees her breaking through to the kids she teaches. By the end of the book and her year’s journey, Lisa changes her students and her students have evolved her.

Overall, an engaging book, where one might have thought to be a fish out of water story turns out to be an examination of how one can overcome misconceptions. The story by Wilde is funny, heartfelt and refreshingly honest.  The art by Wilde is throwback to the old school newspaper strips. Altogether, an charming memoir which will leave the reader both entertained and illuminated.

Story: Lisa Wilde Art: Lisa Wilde
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall:10 Recommendation: Buy