Review: Harley Quinn #27

Frank Tieri kicks of this cute little one off issue in the Harley Quinn universe with “Master of Her Domain.” Harley Quinn #27 is a clever little issue that starts off with a roller derby bout (not a match as it’s described in the issue) and Harley is laying down the pain to her teams opponents. Putting that little faux pas aside (I’m sure it only irked me because I’m a derby gal) the issue is a younger in cheek fun spot pitting Coney Island protector Harley Quinn against Penguin in a battle to protect her hood.

Without giving away a fun little twist at the end that had me missing Palmiotti and Connor hella hard and ready to tear Tieri a new one, this issue was a tongue in cheek place holder that was on point. The issue ends with a nice little wink and nod to the current Harley fan base by having the character do the one thing that we never want her to do and then calling it out on her own. Well played Tieri and company, well played.

Eleonora Carlini provides some stellar art work. It’s fun and pretty to look at. Except for Penguin looking like a creepy marionette (which is solely a me issue, puppets give me the willies) I loved it. Even the after issue scenes in black and white were stunning.

Overall I loved this issue especially the “take a joke” ending. Tieri knows the fan base and he’s in on what we love about the P & C Harley and he plays with us. Kudos to Tieri and thanks for giving one of fave writing teams a break for a bit and Harley sitting like a boss.

Story: Frank Tieri Art: Eleonora Carlini
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review