Paul and Gumby Reunite After 50 Years

The beloved pop-icons, the groovy Gumby and the eternally-cute Paul, appear together again in “The Sour Note!,” in the newest issue of the Gumby comic, released this week at comicbook stores throughout North America. Paul makes a special visit stateside to see his old friend Gumby to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of their fab first encounter. It seems like only “Yesterday,” when the two legendary pop stars first met, but actually the  two musicians haven’t been together since 1967. Here, looking straight out of the 60s, Paul rocks his signature haircut with his everlasting message of peace pinned to his paisley lapel and looks as if he hasn’t aged a day. Gumby, ever green, is as flexible and fun-loving as ever. The two might seem like an odd pairing for a comicbook, but as one of Paul’s friends said once, “let it be.”

Of course were talking about, Gumby the green clay boy and the piano-playing pop star Paul Plunk. Art Clokey’s beloved clay creation, Gumby, has entertained children for generations. Paul Plunk first appeared in “Piano Rolling Blues” in December 27, 1967.

Although he had a bit role, his appearance resonated with fans. The long-awaited reunion story, “The Sour Note!,” written and illustrated by Mike Kazaleh, features Gumby, joined by two other notable (no pun intended!) Clokey creations, Henry and Rodgy. They all visit Paul Plunk for advice on dealing with a sour note. Gumby’s band, “The Clayboys,” also make a fun cameo appearance in the same issue, in the story “All That Nin-Jazz,” where Gumby and his pony pal Pokey attempt to become stealthy ninjas.