Review: Savage Dragon #226

When a tyrannical madman assumes command of the United States, aliens are deemed a threat to national security and targeted for elimination-and that includes Malcolm Dragon and his family! With a country turned against him, Malcolm Dragon fights as he’s never fought before!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve read an issue of Savage Dragon (like 150+ probably) but with the idea of President Trump being the bad guy and Savage Dragon heading to Canada, the concept had me intrigued enough to check out Savage Dragon #226.

The issue picks up with whatever big event just happened that involved an alien invasion and character’s death but as a “new” reader I didn’t need to know much of that. It just meant about a quarter of the issue was a bit foreign to me and little impact. What I did enjoy was writer Erik Larsen’s take on the current political climate. Xenophobia, racism, hatred, feel like they’re at all time highs with brazen attacks and statements being thrown about, made possible by our current Cheeto-in-Chief, Trump.

Larsen captures that in what feels like it should be parody but in reality is not. He doesn’t hold back using language that will make any decent reader cringe but being done so in a way that these hatemongers are clearly the bad guys and not held up on a pedestal at all.

It’s interesting to see Larsen’s take on the current state of things and in this issue he begins his social commentary on where we are as a nation and society and it’s not pretty. Larsen doesn’t pull punches and lays it out there with clear bad guys when it comes to this and in doing so creates clear sympathy with Malcolm and his friends.

And it’d be a good issue if it just focused on Savage Dragon, but instead things are elevated in just a few panels where Larsen shows the impact on this policy to an “average” alien who is fired because he’s in an “at will state” adding in a reality so many overlook or unaware of. That’s the gut punch of the story.

Will Dragon eventually go to Canada? Will he and his friends become an enemy of the United States? How long will this last? I haven’t been reading in quite some time but in this simple, focused issue, Larsen has me interested in coming to see where he takes this all and how this magical world full of superheroes deals with real world bigotry.

Story: Erik Larsen Art: Erik Larsen
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review