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Where the Data Ranks 2017’s Comic Book Films. Wonder Woman Crosses $400 million.

2017 feels like it’s shaping up to be a wild ride for comic adaptions. We look at who the real winners and losers are for this year’s comic films.

The big news is that Wonder Woman continues to impress passing $400 million at the domestic box office, just $500,000 short, and it’s $5.1 million short of $400 million internationally. Wonder Woman is the top earning movie domestically for DC’s movie universe. The film however is third internationally behind both Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad and likely won’t pass either. It’s the second highest earning DC movie worldwide.

Wonder Woman crosses $400 million domestically. The best of the DC movie universe.

Atomic Blonde in its third weekend dropped to tenth place adding $4.6 million to its total. So far, the film has earned $61.8 million worldwide but in three weeks it has passed both Ghost in the Shell and Valerian domestically.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets continues to struggle standing at $90 million with a $177 million budget. The film will need a miracle from here on out.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is an interesting film when it comes to whether it’s a winner or loser. The film has earned $702.1 million worldwide but that’s dead last when it comes to Spider-Man films. It’s fourth when it comes to domestic (not adjusted for inflation). When we do adjust for inflation it’s fifth out of sixth. When it’s all done, the film will likely wind up in the middle of the pack when it comes to domestic earnings but be at the end of the pack for worldwide earnings. The film did pass Wonder Woman when it comes to international earnings emphasizing Warner Bros. issues at the foreign box office.

Lets compare how the big two comic companies compare for earnings. On average DC films earn $337.1 million domestically while Marvel earns $308.3 million. Internationally, Marvel rules with $476.9 million and DC lags behind with $433.8 million. There’s still work for DC when it comes to the international film market.

Already, the year is an interesting one with three clear successes and a whole lot of mixed otherwise. Wonder Woman, Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 have done well this year, The LEGO Batman Movie and Smurfs: The Lost Village, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Atomic Blonde are in that debatable area, and ValerianWilson and Ghost in the Shell are generally disappointments.

Here’s where this year’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers:

Total Domestic Gross: $1.667 billion
Total International Gross: $2.141 billion
Worldwide Gross: $3.808 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $1.083 million
Total “Profit”: $2.725 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $166.7 million
Average International Gross: $237.9 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $380.8 million
Average Budget: $108.3 million
Average Profit: $272.5 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. Those in green are above average while those below are red.


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