Nilah Magruder’s Award Winning M.F.K. Comes to Insight Comics

Insight Comics has announced the debut of its first original graphic novel M.F.K. written and illustrated by cartoonist Nilah Magruder. Magurder is the recipient of the 2015 inaugural Dwayne McDuffie Diversity Award. M.F.K. is a YA, fantasy and adventure story, that is destined to become another classic.

M.F.K. is a watershed in offering stories of diverse bodies and abilities. Centering on an adventurous, deaf young hero named Abbie, M.F.K. introduces readers to a desert planet full of sandstorms, mythical beasts, and villains at every turn. Injured in her travels, Abbie befriends some locals who nurse her back to health. When those friends are besieged by outsiders, Abbie is forced to reveal her true self and use her gifts on a quest for solace despite having lost the things most dear to her.

The series was originally released as a webcomic in 2012. Its generated a loyal and dedicated following. It comes to shelves September 26, 2017. Running 128 pages, the graphic novel will retail for $24.99.