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Review: Alpha: Wolves’ Wages

The 1980s were fertile ground for filmmakers, as some of the best films ever made was during this era. Yes, there were a ton of movies, that were just plain cheesy and doesn’t hold up today, no matter how many viewings. To me, that was part of their charm, their innocuous disregard for anything that makes sense, as Honest Trailers would have a field day with any number of movies. This was also one of the very last times, that a movie star’s name was enough to guarantee ticket sales.

Names like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, pretty much guaranteed that your movie was going to be a blockbuster. One of the other names that guaranteed a blockbuster, was Kevin Costner. His movies, transcended more than few genres, but one of his nest, and what seems to be the first time, he was in a starring role, was No Way Out. That very movie, is what the second volume of Alpha, Wolves’ Wages reminds me of.

There are several storylines in lay in this volume, the firs one involves Katia getting killed. We also catch up with Igor, who takes care of any witnesses and quite duplicitously takes over the family from his father. We also catch up with Alpha and Assia, who are framed for Katia’s murder and must deal with many run-ins with several different sketchy characters throughout Moscow. By book end, the Russian military intervenes, and resulting in Assia getting hurt, but s foreign relations come to a head in this spy tale, Alpha must leave the country, leaving no trace of his existence.

Overall, another exciting installment in a story that brings the reader back to a time when the cold war was more complicated. The story by Youri Jigounov proves that he is adept at story development and creating tension at the right moments. The art by Mystic shows his versatility, as he continues the previous artists’ style, but much brighter hues. Altogether, a fun ride, when spies were shadows of men and governments were not as transparent.

Story: Youri Jigounov Art: Mystic
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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