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Review: Alpha Volume 3 The List

The way we realize we are aging, is remembering certain events that are recorded in history. My grandparents, on my mother’s side, used to tell us stories of how cruel the Japanese were, during their occupation during World War II, which is now literally last century. My parents, both were new to New York, during the “Summer of Sam”, where everyone was scared to walk the streets. During my time, there a fair number of events that have marked my life.

This reality came full circle, when OJ Simpson was released on parole, for burglary, and I, like anyone alive during that time could remember when was under indictment for murder. Another historical event that personally touched me, because I knew people who were there, was the tragedy on the USS Cole, as I think of those who were lost that day many times. Another historical evet, that did not relate to, or even know personally, is the Berlin Wall getting tore down. Some high stakes evens occurs during this very event, in the third volume of Alpha, The List.

In the opening pages, we get a behind the scenes view of what happened when the Berlin Wall, fell, to both governments. As both governments consolidate, one of their top spies flees the country, taking some state secrets with him. Alpha gets called into the mix, as he must retrieve a list from this former spy, a list that could many high-profile individuals behind bars.  Alpha and his partner gets sent to Amsterdam to retrieve this list but he has some competition, as those individuals don’t want the list to get out. By book end, not everyone comes out this alive, as some would see it as a failure, but Alpha’s dignity is what ultimately hat gets him that list.

Overall, a great story, that reminds me so much of the movie, Sneakers. The story by Youri Jigounov provides levity and tension in a genre that leans more towards the latter. The art by Mystic is magnetic Altogether, this is type of story that proves spies are definitely the agents of change  in a world of shadows.

Story: Youri Jigounov Art: Mystic
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Alpha: Wolves’ Wages

The 1980s were fertile ground for filmmakers, as some of the best films ever made was during this era. Yes, there were a ton of movies, that were just plain cheesy and doesn’t hold up today, no matter how many viewings. To me, that was part of their charm, their innocuous disregard for anything that makes sense, as Honest Trailers would have a field day with any number of movies. This was also one of the very last times, that a movie star’s name was enough to guarantee ticket sales.

Names like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, pretty much guaranteed that your movie was going to be a blockbuster. One of the other names that guaranteed a blockbuster, was Kevin Costner. His movies, transcended more than few genres, but one of his nest, and what seems to be the first time, he was in a starring role, was No Way Out. That very movie, is what the second volume of Alpha, Wolves’ Wages reminds me of.

There are several storylines in lay in this volume, the firs one involves Katia getting killed. We also catch up with Igor, who takes care of any witnesses and quite duplicitously takes over the family from his father. We also catch up with Alpha and Assia, who are framed for Katia’s murder and must deal with many run-ins with several different sketchy characters throughout Moscow. By book end, the Russian military intervenes, and resulting in Assia getting hurt, but s foreign relations come to a head in this spy tale, Alpha must leave the country, leaving no trace of his existence.

Overall, another exciting installment in a story that brings the reader back to a time when the cold war was more complicated. The story by Youri Jigounov proves that he is adept at story development and creating tension at the right moments. The art by Mystic shows his versatility, as he continues the previous artists’ style, but much brighter hues. Altogether, a fun ride, when spies were shadows of men and governments were not as transparent.

Story: Youri Jigounov Art: Mystic
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Your First Look At Mystic #1

Official Press Release

Your First Look At MYSTIC #1

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Mystic #1, from writer G. Willow Wilson  and rising star penciller David López featuring the lush colors of artist Nathan Fairbairn . The fate of a world powered by the combination of mystic arts and technology rests in the hands of two seemingly ordinary orphan girls. The impoverished slums of Hyperion are no place for two young girls to grow up, but when the two dare to delve into the Noble Arts, their world is turned upside down! With new, incredible powers granted by the magical technology once forbidden to them, one girl will take up the massive burden of saving the world and the other will direct all her efforts to tearing it apart! Two girls are about to enter the fight of their lives filled with magic and mayhem and only one will come out on top! The line is drawn this August, only in Mystic #1!

MYSTIC #1 (of 4) (JUN110682)
Penciled by DAVID LÓPEZ
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 7/11/11, ON SALE – 08/03/11
Mystic #1 Cover Read more

Around the Tubes

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We’re a bit late this morning, long (but fun) night.  We couldn’t start this out without saying our thoughts and prayers are with those in Japan and all affected by the earthquake’s aftermath.  Everyone please be safe.

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