Review: Catalyst Prime: Accell #2

Daniel DosSantos is Accell, the first speedster superhero in a brave new world, but just how fast is he? Accell’s quest to test the limits of his powers throw him into a sideways dimension where horrors exist, and death comes at him faster than the speed of sound.

I really enjoyed the first issue of this series from Lion Forge that’s part of their Catalyst Prime universe. While speedster superheroes are a dime a dozen, Daniel feels like he stands out a bit as a relatable guy who plays video games and is pretty unsure of himself and powers. And this second issue feels like it has a more of a focus exploring those final two points as Daniel heads into the desert to find out how fast he is.

Writer Joe Casey gives us an entertaining story that feels trippy at times. While it doesn’t quite stand out as original as that first issue and has a bit too much in common with a certain force about speed, it’s still interesting as there’s just enough to set it apart. What happens when Daniel goes really fast? What’s might happen? Well, we kind of find some of that out.

Things get trippy and the visuals feel like a nice LSD trip which is all made wildly entertaining by Damion Scott. The art, along with inks by Robert Campanella and colors by Sigmund Torre (both of Mosh Studios) is what sucked me into the story. It’s creative and interesting and had me trying to figure out what was happening. There’s even some nice creative use of pages with the flow and a point where you’ll need to rotate the entire issue. That use of movement is solid in the series and I hope we get more of that as it goes on.

The second issue is a little of a dip in story but the visuals more than make up for it. I want to find out more about what Daniel is seeing and experiencing and that wanting to come back is a success. Definitely an interesting series that’s getting its footing down to launch and make itself really stand out from the pack.

Story: Joe Casey Art: Damion Scott
Ink: Robert Campanella Color: Sigmund Torre

Story: 7.5 Art: 9.0 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

Lion Forge Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review