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Valiant Joins London Super Comic Con 2017 with Exclusives, Panels, Merchandise, and More!

Valiant has announced that the newest stop on its 2017 convention calendar will be none other than London Super Comic Con! From Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 27th, Valiant is taking its non-stop convention roadshow to the heart of the United Kingdom for London’s biggest comics celebration, and we’re bringing a boatload of panels, merchandise, and UK-only exclusives to celebrate!

All weekend long, join Valiant inside the Business Design Centre in the sponsorship section for an expansive, pulse-pounding introduction to the most celebrated superheroes on the planet with a selection of paperbacks and deluxe hardcovers for critically renowned and award-winning titles!

And don’t miss the mountains of Valiant merchandise and exclusive releases headed for London, including the War Mother #1 London Super Comic Con Variant – featuring the art of fan-favorite artist Rachael Stott! The FIRST ISSUE of a RIVETING NEW SERIES launching the breakout hero of 4001 A.D. into a high-powered tale of tomorrow begins here as New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and high-octane artist Stephen Segovia bring War Mother to bear with an all-new, self-contained entry point for the newest hero manning the frontline of the Valiant Universe’s far future!

Then: Get to know Valiant’s world-renowned library of heroes and villains for the Valiant 101: The Story Starts Here panel presentation! New to the Valiant Universe? Jump on board right here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to the origins and adventures of Valiant’s greatest and most iconic heroes! Look no further than this panel of Valiant all-stars to find out where to start! Date, time, and room location to be announced.

Plus: Brace yourself for the game-changing calamity and carnage that awaits the Valiant Universe with the Valiant: The Road to Harbinger Wars 2 panel presentation! The road to Valiant’s biggest, most ambitious and impactful comic book event of all time starts right here! Jump on board to find out what the future holds and how the coming of Harbinger Wars 2 will soon be felt across the entire Valiant Universe! Date, time, and room location to be announced.