Review: WWE #6

Dean and Sasha’s Epic Road Trip between cities on the road to Money in the Bank continues and the creative team of Dennis Hopeless, Serg Acuña, Doug Garbark, and Jim Campbell are back and delivering once more. This time, we spend a little less time in the ring and a little more time on the road. We get a glimpse into what a Superstar does on their days off. Or, well, at least within the fabric of the ever-sprawling story of WWE.

Without giving about too much away, this issue gives us a deeper look into what Dean Ambrose likes to do when he’s not in the ring as well as a little of what Sasha Banks likes to do to unwind. If you follow them on Twitter or Instagram or even watch Dean on Total Divas, you know that this isn’t exactly the truth but a construction of kayfabe that makes perfect sense in context. Dean and Sasha’s downtime escapes are exactly what you’d expect from their characters.


Hopeless’ writing paired with the expressions of Acuña and the mood set by Garbark and Campbell really sells this sharing of pastimes on the road. The ending is one that definitely has my interest piqued for what comes next.

If you haven’t already read the interview with writer Dennis Hopeless from earlier this week, definitely go check it out. There’s some more insight on the ongoing series straight from one of the sources.

The backfill this time around is a short about John Cena called “Ten” by writer Mairghread Scott, illustrator Max Raynor, and colorist Jeremy Lawson. While Cena’s recent story has never been terribly interesting to me, this frames it in such a way that I’d be willing to give things a second look. And that is something important in storytelling.

Overall, I still really enjoy this ongoing and the story presented and I’m, as always, looking forward to the next issue. And, I’ll be honest: if I were to get a single variant cover ever, it would probably be the Finn Bálor one for this issue. Just saying.

Story: Dennis Hopeless, Mairghread Scott Art: Serg Acuna, Max Raynor
Color: Doug Garbark, Jeremy Lawson Letters: Jim Campbell
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.5
Recommendation: Look, I can only say buy this so many times in a row…