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Review: On the Camino

Life is full of pilgrimages, in one way or the other. If you joined the military, every deployment feels like a pilgrimage as, you have to go a thousand miles away from home. Religions have their own pilgrimages, in Islam and there is Mecca and in Christianity, there is Jurasalem. If you are a music fan, it depends on your taste, it could be Graceland, if you love Elvis Presley and if you love Prince, then its Paisley Park.

Then there are physical ones that are legendary, like the Appalachia Trail, which more than a few thousand people have tried and never finished. In the book and movie, Wild, a woman, who lost everything, roughs the Pacific Cres Trail, a journey that is hard even with company. Each person, who has braved these journeys, have one thing in common, sheer will. Just as Jason, who wrote I Killed Adolf Hitler, hit a birthday milestone of 50 years, he decided to brave the Camino trail in Spain, which he documented in On the Camino.

Jason sets off on this journey by himself, meeting different people, who are headed the same direction but not quite on the trail, as each stranger asks him why he is doing it. The reader follows him and he goes form hostel to hostel, meeting different people from different countries, all traveling and exploring themselves. He even meets another cartoonist, giving her advice on how to find a publisher. By book’s end, Jason’s and the reader’s feet are sore, as this was truly a walk to remember.

Overall, another excellent book by Jason as he tells a story like no other and even makes this well-worn genre all its own, even more interesting. The story by Jason, is full of life love and twists and turns. The art by Jason feels more human than he may have intended to draw it. Altogether, a journey worth taking, as this master storyteller, makes you feel every heartbeat.

Story: Jason Art: Jason
Story: 10 Art 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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