Review: My Favorite Thing is Monsters

Monster movies are making a comeback of sorts, as the recently released The Mummy has, put those films back into the public consciousness. Showing my age, I still remember a time, when these characters were very much a part of popular culture, and for the most part, it has always been, as Count Chocula has never gone away as a cereal, so too these characters have never left. Then there is Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania series, which has brought these characters to a new generation. I guess what has eluded these characters, even though they have been connected to the horror genre since their introduction, is that they are not as scary.

Penny Dreadful, the TV show and comic, tried to bring this element back to these characters, and although it was an excellent tv show and comic book, they never quite brought back that fear factor. What Penny Dreadful, did remind audiences of these characters, is that the source material, were well written stories. They thrived and become legend, because the writers behind these books, wrote well, and understood what was entertaining about these characters. Emil Ferris understands this about her character in My Favorite Thing is Monsters Volume 1, which makes it so amazing a read.

In the opening salvos of this book, the reader is quickly acclimated into a world where monsters are commonplace, and a little girl by the name of Karen Reyes is being hunted by a mob, just for being a werewolf, but it was all a dream if not an eventuality. In a book that unfolds as part memoir/ part sketchbook, about a young artist who loves drawings monsters, in a familiar tale of family and loss which unfolds in the most gorgeous pages any reader would see combined with a strange tale about a string of murders in 1960s Chicago. Karen plays private investigator, attempting to solve these murders on her own while struggling with the pains of growing up. By the end of the book, which is part wish fulfillment, part slice of life memoir, part art worship, the reader appreciates Karen’s journey, while reminiscing of their own.

Overall, probably one of the most essential books every reader who loves a great story must have in their collection. The story by Ferris, feels like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but with monsters, and keeps the reader moving forward. The art by Ferris, will leave the reader floored by how beautiful and luminous it is. Altogether, a great book, for anyone who love a great story, an if you love monster movies and MAD Magazine, it would help but not necessary, as a good story like this, will always shine through.

Story: Emil Ferris Art: Emil Ferris
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy