Review: Comichaus #3

British comics are full of great creators, and because of it the comics world has evolved and even stepped up their game. The influence of Alan Moore looms over any writer/artist who writes anything dealing with superheroes or the occult. The way he deals with hard subjects and his mastery of the inner conflicts of characters more than proves he is a master storyteller. His influence on the medium can be felt everywhere not only on British creators but also here in America.

Another creator that gets into those hard subjects and leaves feeling more than uncomfortable is the “master of suspense,” Stephen King. The stories he tells in Nightmares and Dreamscapes, leaves the reader more than uneasy, and for some of those stories, a little disturbed. The creators at Comic Haus, are more than fans of these two asters, they are most certainly disciples. In the third issue of Comichaus, each creator turns in another masterful installment.

In this installment, of “Chalk,” our heroine gets visited by an old friend, who warns of an “endless plague of sorrow,” which ends the life of someone close to her. In the third installment of “Karyn Shade,” she finally rescues all the prisoners but one of villains are in the wind, waiting to exact revenge on her. In this installment of “Feather,” the reader soon finds out what mass extermination looks like. In “Suited and Booted,” the beginning of the final race begins, and soon someone will finally die. In this installment of the “Troubleshooters,” our protagonists see something they would never see, a dragon. In this next installment of “Mortality,” our hero may have lost his daughter to the Reaper, as he finds out how powerful his influence can be. Lastly, in the newest story to be added, “Return,” the reader is introduced to a pair of astronauts about to go up into space on Apollo 12, with the tragedy of the last space mission still looming.

Overall, an entertaining installment to these evolving stories. The stories written here are masterfully told and brilliantly gets character development right. The art by all creators is gorgeous. Altogether, a worthy installment to an already great book.

Story: James McCulloch, Dave Cook, Jon Laight, Aaron Walther, Luke Cooper, Tom Ward, James Calderbank
Art: Jessica L. Byrne, Norrie Millar, Ed Bickford, Luke Cooper, Iain Laurie, Colin Bell, James Calderbank
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10