Where the Data Ranks 2017’s Comic Book Films

This past week saw the release of the latest comic movie adaptation, Wonder Woman! With its $100.51 million opening and $223 million worldwide the film set records and may have revitalized the box office which was lagging. Expect some reverberations from these results.

Already, there year is an interesting one with three clear successes and a whole lot of mixed otherwise. Wonder Woman, Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 have done well this year, The LEGO Batman Movie and Smurfs: The Lost Village are in that debatable area, and Wilson and Ghost in the Shell are generally disappointments.

Here’s where this year’s movie crop stands as far as the actual numbers. The averages have dropped compared to last week due to the debut of Wonder Woman, but will likely bounce back next week (and then some):

Total Domestic Gross: $942.8 million
Total International Gross: $1.376 billion
Worldwide Gross: $2.319 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $701 million
Total “Profit”: $1.618 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $134.7 million
Average International Gross: $229.3 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $331.2 million
Average Budget: $100.1 million
Average Profit: $231.1 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. Those in green are above average while those below are red.