Review: Comichaus #2

The first time I remember hearing about Heavy Metal magazine, was when one of my friends just finished watching the movie, and was hoping it would be the same as the movie. I was curious as well, so I went watched the movie and had my mind blown, even though the stories seemed hokey, it was still quite interesting. So, when I picked up my first copy of the magazine, I was little disappointed at first, but that is until I got into the stories. Each story had its own flavor and tapped into a piece of the human psyche that comics had not done until then.

Needless to say, the bar had been raised then and every anthology magazine, even if they don’t say, have attempted to emulate the magic, that Heavy Metal did in those days. Comichaus, is one magazine, that understands how that magic, and doe sit well, as evidenced in this second issue of their ongoing series, In the first story, we catch up with “Karyn Shade”, as in the last issue she was going to that scary house, where she takes out the cult’s leader’s soldiers and is just in time for dinner. In the second installment of “Feather”, Bernie’s sickness has gotten worse, as the widespread news of how the epidemic takes over people’s bodies has streamed into public consciousness, just when he can no longer hide it.

In the second part of “Suited and Booted”, Moses get whim of a suit which can change the game not only for him but all at stake. In this next installment of “The Troubleshooters”, we catch up with our cantankerous duo, as they find out this town, has more surprises than they first thought, as they soon realize a war is coming. In the continuation of “Mortality”, our hero gets to a guided tour of the Underworld, as he still is search of his daughter. In this second installment of “Keyhole”, things fall apart for this family, and our narrator must now deal with a new family, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Overall, a great second installment to all ongoing stories contained within, as each creator does no miss a beat. Each story has only gotten better with this installment. The art is still amazing. Altogether, a great second issue, that I can only see exceeding expectations from the last issue.

Story: James McCulloch, Dave Cook, Jon Laight, Aaron Walther, Luke Cooper, Chris Welsh
Art: Jessica Byrne, Norrie Millar, Dan Butcher, Grant Richards, Ed Bickford, Luke Cooper, Micah Myers, David Pavol
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation:Buy