Review: Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 3

I remember the first time I heard of the Fat Boys, it was not actually through their music. As I remembered it, I thought they were more of a gimmick versus an actual Hip Hop group. When I found out who they were, was through the movie, the Disorderlies. That is what drew to me to their music, as I saw in the movie they were actual rappers.

I was the ripe ae of 8, and just came back from Trinidad and Tobago, as the music was still shaping itself before it grew into any type of standard. This was when it really went from Rap to Hip Hop and become its own self-contained culture. In this third volume of Hip Hop Family Tree, it delves into those two epic years, 1983-1984. The reader finds out How the Beastie Boys went form a Rap Cover band to an actual hip hop group.

The reader is introduced to Crazy Legs and Frosty Freeze and the invention of breakdancing. Ed Piskor also gets into what makes the evolution of hip hop on the West Coast different from how Hip Hop evolves in New York. The reader is also introduced to The Fat Boys, ad educates the reader, just ho integral they are to the history of the culture. Lastly, the reader is also introduced to LL Cool J, and how he met Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons.

Overall, a strong volume in this epic series, which only gets better with each installment. The story by Piskor always well researched and contains his love for the culture throughout. The art by Piskor gives the reader that flashback quality that is required by the subject matter. Altogether, if you love reading about music history, this is a must read.

Story: Ed Piskor Art: Ed Piskor
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy