Valiant Surfs into Tidewater Comicon 2017 – Coming to Virginia Beach on May 13th & 14th!

From Saturday, May 13th to Sunday, May 14th, Valiant’s non-stop convention tour is going full speed ahead into Tidewater Comicon – and we’re bringing along a high tide of merchandise and panels for two full days of all-out action!

All weekend long, join Valiant inside the Virginia Beach Convention Center at booth #1105 to see why the biggest independent superhero universe in comics is also the best with a selection of paperbacks and deluxe hardcovers for critically acclaimed and award-winning titles!

Plus, don’t miss the all-star Valiant talent that will be joining Tidewater Comicon through the weekend including Robert Venditti!

Then: Jump into the world of alien-armored Visigoths, machine-made soldiers, and high-flying heroines on Saturday, May 13th at 12:00 p.m. EST in room #5 for the Valiant 101: The Story Starts Here panel presentation! New to the Valiant Universe? Jump on board right here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to the origins and adventures of Valiant’s greatest and most iconic heroes! Look no further than this panel of Valiant all-stars to find out where to start!

Plus: Get a sneak peek at the unbelievable battles and milestone moments that are heading to the Valiant Universe on Sunday, May 14th at 11:00 a.m. ET in room #5 for the Valiant: The Road to Harbinger Wars 2 panel presentation! The road to Valiant’s biggest, most ambitious and impactful comic book event of all time starts right here! Jump on board to find out what the future holds!