Gotham Weekly With Alex And Joe: Episode Five

Our hosts get back to their regular subject matter: Batman family comics. There will be tangents, off topic conversations, the odd recording issue, and a metric fuck-tonne of spoilers.

Recorded on the 27th of April, this week the comics on the block are:

Flash #21 written by Joshua Williamson, with Howard Porter providing the art and Hi-Fi the colours.

Batman/Shadow #1 written by Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando, art by Riley Rossma with Ivan Plascencia providing colours.

Detective Comics #955 written by James Tynon IV, art by Marcio Takara with colours by Marcello Maiolo.

Batman Beyond #7 written by Dan Jurgens art by Bernard Chung with colours by Marcello Maiolo.

Batgirl #10 written by Hope Larson pencils by Chris Wildgoose, inks by Jon Lam and colours by Matt Lopes.