TV Review: Arrow S5E20 Underneath

arrowThe situation gets intense when Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker together; Lyla and Diggle deal with their marital issues.

Arrow gives us a trope of an episode that feels like the “disaster” episode that plagues doctor shows. Oliver and Felicity are trapped after an EMP goes off and have to figure a way out to escape (Escape Room tie-in, hello!? Feels like someone dropped the ball with cross marketing).

But, while the episode traps them, it’s really about the relationship between Oliver and Felicity and later it’s about Lyla and Diggle. The theme is clearly relationships.

The episode bounces between the present and the past as we see Oliver and Felicity’s romance kindle and get hot and that is then compared to now, where things don’t hold up so well. It’s interesting going back and seeing their earlier years when things were a bit happier and reminds us of a time when the series wasn’t quite as sour. And it’s something the series needed to explore at some point. It’s been building and we see it here laid out and discussed. The situation has been building and here it is.

Diggle and Lyla discuss Lyla’s new position and Diggle having issues with it, while he himself has done morally questionable things. Where’s their kid!? Why isn’t the discussion of having parents who aren’t murderers come up? It’s odd, but Lyla pointing out the hypocrisy is good to see.

The episode is a trope and plot we’ve seen so many times before, but it focuses on the relationships of the characters, something thats been needed to be discussed and addressed. It’s not bad at all, it’s a bridge to what comes next and that ending definitely ups the game as the series rockets towards its season finale in a few more episodes.

Overall rating: 7.65