Gallery 13 to Publish Nate Powell and Van Jensen’s Two Dead

Gallery 13 will publish Two Dead written by Van Jensen and artwork by National Book Award winner Nate Powell.

A roman a clef inspired by real historical events, Two Dead is a meditation on violence and police work wrapped in an atmospheric crime noir set in post-World War II Deep South.

Set in post-WWII Little Rock, Arkansas, Two Dead explores the simmering tension in a city run by organized crime, where the world of vice is one of the only realms crossing the racial divide. Told from the point-of-view of a diverse cast of characters, Two Dead’s story provides an inclusive perspective and multiple viewpoints of a town being torn apart: a brand new police lieutenant fresh out of service and haunted by his actions during the war; an old-school, gun-happy detective gradually descending further into the depths of schizophrenia;  a violent, disturbing figure feared as the city’s top mafia don; and two African-American brothers on opposite ends of the law—one who fully embraces his corruption, and the other as the leader of a local militia desperately attempting to see justice served.

Van Jensen, well known as the writer for Dark Horse’s Cryptocracy and DC’s The Flash, discovered the true story that inspired TWO DEAD while working as a crime reporter at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Nate Powell is the only cartoonist to ever win the National Book Award. His very successful work includes March, the #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel autobiography of Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis.

TWO DEAD will be published by Gallery 13 in Fall 2018.

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