Watchmen Getting the R-rated Animated Film Treatment

Warner Bros. A-List Community is a way for Warner Bros. to get feedback on packaging, viewing habits, interests, and more from a wide-ranging amount of topics including movies, television, comics, and more. Once in a while, they hint at new projects being worked on and this past week’s survey is a prime example.

In a survey where you can “Tell us what you think of a new animated movie” the company asked a range of questions about Marvel and DC Comics films both live and animated with an eventual emphasis on Watchmen, the classic comic series by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins published by DC Comics in 1986 and 1987.

But, the “possible” turned to “definite” with this text:

That pretty much spells it out that Warner Bros. and DC Comics is working on a new animated Watchmen animated film along the lines of their successful other animated films which have riffed on DC properties.

What’s really interesting is questions were focused on how “faithful” the animated film would be to the source material, a criticism levied towards the 2009 film. That 2009 film also had an animated companion piece that adapted the “Tales of the Black Freighter” comic within Watchmen into an animated film. A motion comic of Watchmen was also released in 2009.

It should be no surprise that a new adaptation is being worked on as the Watchmen characters are currently being tied into the DC Comics “Rebirth” storyline and it is unknown how closely they’ll be involved in the future, just that they’re involved in some aspect.

Watchmen is controversial, not just due to the content, but how creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have been treated regarding the property. A “reversion” clause was added to the work for hire contract so that if the characters aren’t used for a period of time, the rights will revert to the two creators. By keeping the comic in print in graphic novel form the rights have not reverted. Moore has used the word “swindle” to describe the situation.

It is unknown when the film might be released.