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TV Review: iZombie S3E2 Zombie Knows Best

normal_izombietv_s01promo_001-1~0Liv, Clive, and Ravi suspect foul play was involved in a fatal car crash; Clive reveals his connection to a murdered family; Peyton tries to make peace with Ravi.

iZombie returns more to its normal formula with two cases that feel much more like the previous two seasons, but also with a twist as one ties into the greater narrative that began in the previous episode.

The first case is about a father and daughter who are killed in a car crash and things seem a little fishy. That leads to Liv and Major eating their brains with Liv taking on the father and Major the teenage daughter. That brings the humor as we get to see the two acting each stereotypical personality and delivering things in a way that had me smiling throughout the episode. Yes, it plays a bit too much into stereotypes, but it’s still entertaining in a way mostly due to the actors themselves, especially Major talking about abs and selfies.

The second story plays off of what began last episode with Clive and the family he found out were zombies. We get the full history here as they are unfortunately killed. There’s someone out there who’s killing zombies, but why? That seems to be the big picture, who knows, who’s killing, and how do they find the killers without causing a panic. The concept is a bit too much like the Chaos Killer story which I hated and who knows if that’ll play in here. It should since it’s really similar. The best part is that it gives a lot more depth into Clive who hasn’t had a lot of focus in the series. To see him pushed in the spotlight more is more than overdue as he’s been a great anchor and playing the straight man to the crazy.

The series is closer to what we’ve previously seen and it’s a stronger second episode than first due to that. I can see the big picture coming into focus with this episode and it feels like a bit old and a bit new. Hopefully, we get something that’s a bit different than the previous two seasons, but so far it’s an interesting start.

Overall Rating: 7.85

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