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Lion Forge Joins Diamond Comic Distributors’ Final Order Cutoff Program

Originally announced to retailers at the ComicsPRO annual meeting in February, Lion Forge is joining Diamond Comic Distributors’ Final Order Cutoff (FOC) program. Their involvement is effective with the publisher’s first title in the upcoming Catalyst Prime line. which will premier ahead of this year’s Free Comic Book Day.

The FOC ordering cycle allows retailers greater ordering flexibility. Orders may: increase, decrease or even cancel up to the FOC date, which is every Monday at 5:00 p.m. EST/11:45 p.m. EST for online orders. Lion Forge comics will generally reflect FOC Dates with an 18-day adjustment window, meaning that Noble #1 carries the April 10 FOC date, ahead of the series debut on Wednesday, May 3.

Noble (MAR171903) picks up one year after “The Event”, making its debut on Free Comic Book Day! Writer Brandon Thomas, artist Roger Robinson, and colorist Juan Fernandez pen the adventures of former missing astronaut David Powell who returns with dangerous new abilities and no memory of the man he once was. While desperately trying to regain his identity, David quickly finds himself a man on the run from shadowy forces as well as his forgotten past.

To make an adjustment online, sign in to Diamond’s secure Retailer Services site, visit the My Account page, and click the FOC & Order Adjustment Weekly Items link at the top right. Then navigate to the Lion Forge section of this online resource.

The April 2017 PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form will be the first order form with items carrying Lion Forge FOC dates.

Retailers with further questions about this announcement should contact their Diamond Retailer Services Representative.