TV Review: Arrow S5E18 Disbanded

arrowOliver’s decision to call the Bratva for help taking down Prometheus surprises Diggle and Felicity; Felicity makes a shocking discovery at Helix.

Arrow has been a bit mixed the last few episodes but this one really rights the ship as Oliver calls in reinforcements in the Bratva to take on Chase while his teammates both question his decision to do so and also figure out a way to deal with Chase.

There’s a lot here and the episode packs in so much, I’d usually expect this amount to be spread out into multiple episodes. Diggle dealing with Oliver and confronting him might be an episode or in tow. Team Arrow dealing with the Bravta might be one. Team Arrow dealing with Chase might be one. The Bravta dealing with Chase might be one. There’s just a lot going on for the episode and for that, it’s one of the better ones this season. No time is wasted and by doing so the pacing really picks up, an issue for some of the episodes this season where things feel like they’ve been decompressed.

What’s also solid is how it deals with Chase with an ending that feels like it almost doesn’t belong on this series and shows off some potential that doesn’t feel like it’s normally tapped. I think that five minutes or so is some of the best of the entire series. How it’s directed and shot really breaks from the normal visuals of the series. I couldn’t say what was different, but it felt like it was.

The episode also really brings in the Bravta plot into the main story and does so pretty well with future repercussions that I can see driving the next season. It’s some good plotting when it comes to the past and present story threads that feels like it sometimes is lacking in previous seasons.

This is a solid episode that brings a lot of pieces of the puzzle together and sets the rest of the season off into a good direction, but what’s interesting to me is that Chase scene which shows off the potential of the series.

Overall rating: 7.95