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Review: Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys – The Big Lie #1

Writer Anthony Del Col brings noir style pulp comic book to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys – The Big Lie. The comic starts off “The Big Lie” story arc in a police station where the Hardy Boys are being interrogated separately about the murder of their father after his dismissal from the police force and arrest for corruption. There’s something to be said about a good dose of nostalgia and a decent throwback murder mystery calling you back to your childhood and teen years and, that’s just what this comic book provides. There’s nothing fancy and not a wow moment in sight, just a well written and by the numbers mystery but, that’s nit a bad thing. The Big Lie seems to have a few cards up its sleeve and a couple of surprises in store that might just take the old school fan on a nice jog through memory lane.

Artist Werther Dell’Edera keeps his art simple and 1930’s old school in this issue, lots of dots and pop art inspired frames. The faces are simple , art is crude but, in an old school way. The lines are deliberate, the shadows are intense and the lack of detail gives fans of the old books a sense of nostalgia. The color palette is muted and basic keeping the focus on the story itself and not the art , somehow this frenetic style adds a bit of chaos into the mix and keeps the easer a bit off balance because of its simplicity and unwillingness to give off any clues outside of what the writer shares with us. You know from the shadows that this is a dark story but, the art itself keeps you in the dark.

This isn’t a comic that you’d pick up if you weren’t into Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys before coming across it, unless you’re into pulp comics and/or mystery comics but, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a read. This issue lays solid groundwork for what could be an interesting arc that’s right in line with the source material. It’s a murder mystery , through and through and fans of that style and genre who just want a good dark read will be checking this out in droves. The writing is solid and the story seems pretty planned out, if you can adjust your eyes for the art, if you’re the type that’s into more stylized art work, then you’re in for a surprise treat.

It’s not an extraordinary comic book but, it serves its purpose and does what it’s supposed to do. It’s entertaining and interesting enough to make you want to see what happens next. Truth be told, not everything needs to be fast paced and in your face, sometimes just being different and well written is enough to warrant some praise.

Story: Anthony Del Col Art : Werther Dell’Edera
Story: 8.6 Art: 8.2 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review