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TV Review: Iron Fist S1E8 The Blessings of Many Fractures

Danny faces his fear, and Colleen meets her match. Joy makes a hasty decision, while Ward struggles to accept his sister’s admiration.

Iron Fist’s greatest enemy is… turbulence. Danny, Colleen, and Claire head to China in pursuit of Madam Gao and Danny loses his shit when they hit turbulence. That’s maybe the best use of the character so far in that it really explores his trauma, which while touched upon in the series, hasn’t really been used a lot. Finn Jones is decent in the trauma, but it’s Rosario Dawson who stands out in her reactions to it.

When the episode isn’t focused on Danny, Claire, and Colleen, it’s about Joy and Ward who have been ousted from the company. There’s a great nod to Jessica Jones in one of their scenes but this is the first decent sequence between the two. Each gets to show off real emotion and Tom Pelphrey as Ward is particularly good as a lot of what he says in his face and not his words. It’s actually really good acting between the two, especially because it hasn’t been all that great up to this point. While the two are interesting, their plotline overall feels rather superfluous in that it doesn’t directly have to do with Danny. Both have a history in the Iron Fist comics, but who knows where this is all going.

Claire, Danny, and Colleen assault Gao’s drug operation and it gives us some of the best fight choreography of the season up to this point. Colleen, in particular, stands out with a sword fight and Danny fights what I think is another Immortal Weapon, but I’m not 100% sure which. Drunk, flys, it all seems familiar from the comics.

But with the good, there’s also some bad. The end fight against Gao gives us some revelations, but the fight itself is a bit lackluster. It’s as if all of the energy has been focused on one point leaving little for elsewhere. The episode again makes the case that Marvel’s Netflix shows need to be more focused and trimmed by a few episodes.

Overall Rating: 6.05

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