TV Review: Iron Fist S1E13 Dragon Plays with Fire

In a desperate search to clear his name, Danny learns a terrible truth that places him on a new path.

We find out the truth about who killed Danny’s parents and caused the plane crash as Danny attempts to get the tablet that has the information that’ll clear his name.

This episode features every issue I have of the series. The dialogue is cheesy and spells things out (For example a gun shot goes off and someone exclaims “they’re on the roof”). There’s glaring plot issues (Said tablet is in a vault which is left open when a gun is retrieved. And why are you keeping the evidence of your evil plan!?). The action is silly. A martial arts master runs after knocking the gun from a hand and the villain walks away after he knocks down Danny. We’re continuously reminded that Danny isn’t bullet proof (he’s not Luke Cage after all!). The episode is littered with bad dialogue and too many moments where I found myself yelling at the television.

The episode wraps things up as far as the story for this season, but the ending leaves things wide open as to where it all goes from here. But even that ending! Really, no head gear while walking around on a snowy mountain?

The finale is a flawed mess that’s good in a turn your brain off and try not to think sort of way. It says nothing, is completely forgettable, and screams mediocrity in a series of shows that have all excelled in some way. The one thing the series has going for it is that it improves as it goes along and does suffer from the late season slump that other Marvel Netflix endeavors have, but then again, it starts from a much lower quality point. Then again, all of the Marvel series have had a letdown of a final episode.

The end sets a lot up, but with such a poor first outing, does it deserve a second? Will fans want one?

Overall Rating: 5.05

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