TV Review: Iron Fist S1E12 Bar the Big Boss

Ward receives an offer with strings attached. Davos advocates for an extreme solution and a deadly duel gets personal.

In the penultimate episode, Bakuto makes a move and takes the Meachums hostage in hope of bringing Danny out into the open. Weirdly the Meachums plan is to screw with Bakuto by taking away his money and lure him out. It’s all rather goofy in some ways and doesn’t quite work. If the Meachum/Rand plan was smart, Danny would have intercepted Bakuto and his team beforehand. But, it seems like not too many people here are smart. It’s like a lot of the season where the small details don’t quite work and add up into issues, like the backpack in the first episode.

The episode feels like it telegraphs every major thing. Bakuto carries a sword which sets up his fighting Colleen. Davos’ actions were obvious as to what he’d do to the Hand compared to Danny and Colleen, which he of course does. And that sets up conflict between him and Danny. It’s like nothing can be subtle in this series and everything beats the viewer over the head.

And speaking of plot points…. whatever happened to the whole poisoning neighborhoods plot? That seems to be forgotten.

What’s interesting and stands out in this episode is that music is used to shock the viewer again. The music for the series is very underused and in the first episode and here we get hip-hop used to wake up the viewer in same ways. It’s an interesting tidbit especially when Luke Cage used music some prominently.

there’s a twist at the end of the episode which is…. interesting, and in the bigger scheme of things again makes little sense. Like a lot of the season it’s a bit blunt and feels forced in, especially since the series made sure to say multiple times that the drugs being moved around weren’t illegal.

With one episode to go, this is a wrinkle that feels like a plot point added in WAY too late.

Overall Rating: 5.20

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