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TV Review: Iron Fist S1E10 Black Tiger Steals Heart

Exhausted from fighting. Danny tries to recharge with Bakuto’s help. Meanwhile, Rand’s management gets another shakeup.

Danny is taken by Bakuto to his training facility where he learns a bit more about the history of Iron Fist. That might be the coolest aspect of the show, revealing a previous Iron Fist which opens up some interesting history and potential of the series.

There’s some revelations about Bakuto and Colleen and it all spirals out fo control, but the episode introduces Davos who comes to rescue Danny from what’s a crappy situation. There’s a lot of action and Colleen chooses a side which is interesting.

The episode creates some interesting ideas in that there’s competing factions within the Hand which is something we’ve seen in the comics, but is new to the live-action Marvel universe. It’s actually a good addition and the way it’s presented leaves the viewer to wonder how much of it is truth and how much of it is bull. Bakuto’s actions would indicate a lot of it is bull, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The action increases here as Davos and Danny have to fight their way out and it’s all decent, though marred by darkness which makes some it hard to see. The martial arts sequences throughout this season has been lacking and the series lacks its iconic fight scenes that existed in Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.

It’s a good episode, continuing the better latter half of the first season. While it’s not great, it’s worth a watch but like most of the season it’s not great. We’ve seen better.

Overall Rating: 6.30

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