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Chaykin’s The Divided States of Hysteria Sees the Dramatic Downfall of America

Image Comics is pleased to announce that this June, creator Howard Chaykin will deliver The Divided States of Hysteria—a pulls-no-punches, dystopic suspense story about the dramatic downfall of the most formidable and globally far-reaching government the world has ever seen.

In The Divided States of Hysteria, a deeply troubled America is barely beginning to recover from a profound national trauma, only to be further destabilized by a worst-case terrorist attack.

Chaykin calls the comic a “raw, uncompromising vision of an all too familiar, all too near future America.”

A powerful and profoundly unsettling new series echoing today’s political turmoil and the restlessness of a jaded society, Chaykin’s The Divided States of Hysteria is poised to upend what readers have come to expect from comics.

The Divided States of Hysteria #1 (Diamond Code APR170684) hits stores on Wednesday, June 7th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 15th.

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