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Lucha Comics Releases Statement About James A. Bretney’s Islamophobic Comments

Lucha Comics is a small press company out of London, Ontario Canada and while you won’t find them in the pages of Previews, you will find them on comiXology and DriveThruComics. James A. Bretney is a comic creator published by Lucha Comics whose comiXology bio says:

An American film director, screenwriter and producer, James decided to pursue a career in the arts after 12 months with the U.S. Army in Iraq. James is an outspoken conservative and very active in politics.

Bretney is also Islamophobic spouting out enough reprehensible things to get his Twitter account suspended. While Bretney regularly posted anti-immigrant/conservative Tweets, two days ago he went after lawyer, author, and Harvard Islamic Studies Fellow Qasim Rashid telling him “go home. We don’t want you here” and “Qasim, your troll Army will not save your soul. Love Jesus or go to hell. You have been warned.”

Things exploded from there.

Tweets began to be directed towards Lucha Comics in protest and threatening boycotts. Yesterday the company responded to a lot of the Tweets generally responding it was a person’s “right” for the boycott and that they were looking into the issue “closely” so as to not make a “rash decision.”

Today Lucha Comics released a statement about the incident.

The company called the comments and content “disturbing” and “upsetting” but as an individual, it’s not something the company has control over. He’s not an employee but releases his comics through the publisher. They also emphasize the often repeated line that boycotts don’t just impact Bretney, but the “artists, cover artists, letterers, and more”

The company isn’t “cutting” him off as they feel that “does not address the root problem,” but they will be putting Bretney’s next two projects which have been written with no art on hold.

Lucha Comics will be “posting further thoughts” after a planned family vacation.

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