Emerald Comics Distro, A New Comic Distributor Focuses on Indie Comics

One of the biggest complaints about the comic industry is the distribution system which “favors” large publishers over independent creators and small press. There’s some data that says this isn’t totally the case, but for independent comics creators in the Seattle area, you now will have some help to get your comics out there with Emerald Comics Distro.

Started by Anne Bean, Emerald Comics Distribution hopes to fill a “much-needed distribution gap” for independent creators in Seattle.

Currently, the company is focused on “consignment management.” But, the company has bigger plans. With “phase one” focused on local consignment, “phase two” includes “nationwide wholesale” distribution, and “phase three” includes wholesale and retail. It’s unknown if a consignment model will continue or a more traditional distribution model will be put in place.

But beyond just distributing the comics, Bean is putting a creative spin to the distribution. Once there’s enough creators signed, the idea is to curate “theme packs” of comics for stores to sell. That’s something that’s definitely creative and somewhat new to the industry. Packs of comics can be found, in fact Target is selling them currently, but putting together indie comics from various creators around a “theme” is somewhat new. Those Target packs are random issues thrown together.

While Diamond Comic Distributors is the leader in the market, they aren’t the only distributor for comics, and even indie comics. Different distributors exist for book stores, and numerous others have stepped in to build different distribution methods to comic fans as well as stores, though none have the reach of Diamond.

(via Vanguard Seattle)