Alterna Has Announced that the 2016 IF Anthology Has Sold Out

Alterna Comics has announced that the 2016 IF Anthology has sold out at the publisher level. Copies may still be available from retailers and creators of the anthology. At this time, no plans have been made to go back to print on the title.

The IF Anthology, which was created by Alterna publisher Peter Simeti in 2015, tackles a different theme every year. “Science fiction” was the theme of 2015’s book, “Super Powers” was the theme for 2016. The upcoming 2017 IF Anthology will revolve around the theme of “Crime” — and will carry the title’s first mature rating. Submissions are currently being accepted here.

Celebrating a new theme with every annual release, 2016’s “IF” features almost 100 creators from around the world, joining forces to tell 40 tales of the (super) human condition.


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