Rabbit Publishers Joins Diamond’s Roster of Publisher Clients

Diamond Comic Distributors has announced a new distribution agreement with Chicago-based young adult publisher, Rabbit Publishers. The multi-year agreement includes exclusive worldwide distribution rights into comic book specialty stores, as well as bookstores, libraries, mass-market chains, and other specialty outlets under the banner of Diamond’s book market division, Diamond Book Distributors.

Best known for The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon and The Enchanted World of Honey Moon, Rabbit Publishers responded to the requests of consumers and retailers to make their offerings available to the trade by making all Harry Moon and Honey Moon titles available through Diamond.

The Harry Moon and Honey Moon series take place in fictional Sleepy Hollow, MA, where every day is Halloween night. Eighth grader Harry battles to free the town from the curse of the evil mayor and his cohorts. Thirty-six books are slated for the The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon series and twenty-four for The Enchanted World of Honey Moon. Honey is Harry’s ten-year-old sister who has her own set of friends and adventures. The three creators exploit Harry and Honey’s DNA of respect, friendship, loving enemies, seeking wisdom, loving one’s mom and pursuing good throughout the series.

Fans of the book series will also be able to purchase the Harry Moon graphic novel collections from Diamond including Snowman, the upcoming 2017 winter holiday title, and Kligore, the story of the town’s villain, set to be released for summer 2018.