Review: Justice League of America #1

justice-league-of-america-1This start up issue of the new JLA line-up is a nice beginning to what I’m sure will be one bad ass arc! There’s a Killer Frost upgrade, a brooding Batman, Vixen looking fierce AF and, a well-written story. We even get to see a little bit of fun being poked at Batman’s historical inability to get along with the JLA for the long haul. I’m excited to see where the story goes with Frost, villain backstory & Suicide Squad history aside, being added to the mix.

Steve Orlando sets the story up in multiple locations so the reader gets to see all of the JLA out and about on life-saving missions. Killer Frost, or Frost as she prefers to be called now, is working on upgrading the sanctuary’s generator with Atom, who like most of us will take some time getting used to her dropping the Killer. Things get hella real when Lord Havok shows up on Earth with his crew, collective known as The Extremists, who are ready to take away Earth’s freedom and restore “order” to our chaotic planet.

Orlando changes up the game for the usually boring JLA and has Batman, of all people, concerned about creating a JLA that is relatable to humans. The characters seem to be more kick ass and have more agency than in previous incarnations of the league. Orlando has created a league that I actually care about and, doesn’t seem as goody goody or bland as the League’s previous versions. He also creates formidable foes and the addition of a former Suicide Squad bad girl adds not only crossover potential between the two groups but, a bit of tension that keeps the reader on their toes.

Ivan Reis is an amazing artist and the details that he provided as the base for the colors added is amazing. There is real emotion and passion in his work and it add another dimension to an already brilliant story.

I found this starter issue to be a great jump off point for the series. I’m a big fan of the Atom / Frost colleague pairing since both are newbies to the JLA they both want to prove they deserve to be there, for very different reasons. Frost is more fleshed out as a character and there’s an element of will she or won’t she return to her old ways that makes her presence always exciting. Orlando seems to have put the characters goals, emotions and, needs on the page in a way that makes them compelling and real. There’s a sense that a lot of politically correlating story lines can come from this arc and series as a whole, that in ways will parallel the current political climate. Orlando’s storytelling skills seem more than ready to tackle whatever turn this current arc will take and I’m excited to tune in for his action-packed stories that couple perfectly with Reis’s killer modern comic realist art style.

Story: Chris Orlando Art: Ivan Reis
Story: 9.1 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review