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TV Review: Arrow S5E14 The Sin-Eater

arrowChina White, Cupid, and Liza Warner escape Iron Heights and set out for Star City; the ACU seeks to arrest the Green Arrow for Detective Malone’s murder.

Arrow is a bit of a dud in a mostly forgettable episode. With villains who we’ve seen before and don’t feel like much of a threat, most of the fireworks happen not in the costume.

Oliver/Green Arrow face two big hurdles. As we saw at the end of last episode, the reporter (and Ollie’s girlfriend) Susan had put two and two together to figure out that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Her career is put in jeopardy due to decisions made by some of Oliver’s allies. That puts his relationship on the rocks and threatens his role as Mayor. Hint, you don’t want to piss off the press.

The second part of the episode is that the police are after the Green Arrow for the murder of Detective Malone. That makes it difficult to do his job and it also is what puts his role as Mayor at risk.

The two plots together makes the whole Ollie as Mayor a much more important plot and makes a lot more sense as to why they went that route. A whole bunch of things are coming together here clashing Oliver’s secret life with his public life a bit more so than it has in the past.

The episode is generally boring, but what happens is really important. The emphasis here isn’t on the villains, it’s the bigger picture of what’s been going on.

Overall rating: 7.00