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Recap: Supergirl S2E12 Luthors

supergirl-luthors-featuredThe latest episode of Supergirl dove deeper into the Luthor clan and their alien envy complex. We were treated to a meet up at the alien bar where Maggie gets to meet more of the DEO Scooby gang. Lena Luthor is having a huge PR problem thanks to her mom’s trial and Kara is stepping up her friend game. Lena unfortunately, isn’t handling all of the family legacy blowback very well and is having a bit of an emotional crisis of faith dealing with her mommy issues.

Lena visits her mom in jail and there is no love lost between the two of them. Mamma Luthor drops some family secrets into the mix and lets Lena know she’s not her real mom and they only took her when she was four to keep her from foster care. She blames papa Luthor for her estrangement from her and pretends to make amends. Things continue to go left as Metallo testifies at the Luthor trial using the witness stand as a pulpit for his anti-alien thinking he then breaks free and takes Lillian Luthor along with him.

The escape means that Lena is in the crosshairs and after Supergirl and the Metallic menace go toe to toe, Supergirl chooses to save the people in danger rather than go after the bad guys. Her act of heroism scores her more human fans but, Supergirl has more questions about how the bad guys gained access to Kryptonite. Kara has a heart to heart with Lena so she can get ahead of the rumors that she helped with the escape putting their friendship at odds when Maggie shows up to arrest her.

Kara tries to come to her friend’s defense when the paper wants to put Lena on the cover and James takes Snappers side and runs the article as is. James makes it his mission to prove Kara wrong, while Kara is having feelings about Mon-Els new alleged love interest. But, it turns out his date was a bust because all he did was talk about Kara leaving Kara to again rethink her feelings for him. Mamma Luthor sends her minion to free Lena and Metallo ends up going toe to toe with Guardian. Metallo defeats Guardian and escapes with the newly freed Lena.

Kara continues to defend her friend Lena and faces some harsh criticism for that choice from an injured Jimmy. Kara is still ticked off about Jimmy continuing to fight crime and she’s not sure if she should be mad about the Lena treatment or Jimmy getting hurt. Jimmy uses the Clark and Lex parallel to try to prove to Kara wrong about Lena and about him as Guardian. Mon-El shows up as a  surprise voice of reason and takes her side in the whole Lena situation. They attempt to have the hard talk about Mon-El and Eve dating and how it made her feel and Mom-El tried to understand in his clunky alien emotion manner. Lena is being held captive by her mom as she tries to bring her to the dark side but Lena just wants to be free and prove her innocence. Metallo is suffering from some really bad Kryptonite poisoning as they all hide out in one of Alex’s secret facilities. Mamma Luthor is ready to go to war and Lena appears to be playing possum while she tries to figure out her mom’s plan. Lena realizes that she mom is only using her for her DNA to open Alex’s vault. Winn cracks the footage and finds out that Lena is innocent and the raw footage proves it. They find out the synthetic Kryptonite stockpiles are unstable and Kara rushes to save her friend from the impending explosion with minutes to go despite the danger to her own safety.

Lena wants no part of mommy dearests anti-alien war games and Supergirl gets trapped with Lena trying to assist with her release. She warns them about the coming explosion with his Kryptonite heart starting to decay but, he chooses to fight her with his last breath. Lillian takes Lena along on her escape and J’onzz shows up to help her fight but, it’s beyond a close call and she isn’t able to find and rescue  Lena. But, it all turns out well because Lena escapes her mom’s clutches but, Lillian and OG Hank manage to get away and, Kara is sent by Snapper to get an exclusive. Jimmy and Kara have a heart to heart and decide to go back to being friends for real and start it off with a game night. Kara writes a glowing pro-Lana article and they reconnect over a nice chat. But,  there’s a bit of shade in the mix as Lana appears to be playing chess with Kara’s friendship and she might know more about the Kara / Supergirl relationship than she’s been letting on.  Mon-El and Kara make it officialesque and have a real talk before this episode closes and realize the differences between them might not be so bad. Unfortunately, this conversation comes as another mystery alien shows up to claim her heart.

I am loving the way that the show weaves the previously on info into the first few minutes of conversation between the characters. It makes it easier for those new to the show to catch up without missing a beat. I am also digging how they are handling Kara’s love life by giving her agency and her own life outside of the men who inhabit her world. There is no room for shipping from fans because the writers make her motivation known and the writers are keeping it about Supergirl coming into her own and not making it a live story or having her life be incomplete without a man. It makes for interesting tension and a deeper understanding of the idiocy behind the need for a love story or becoming a couple just because. But, the connection between Kara and Mon seems to be genuine and coming from a place of genuine emotion and not from a place of filling a couple void. So, while I’m not sure how this will all shape up with Kara’s love triangle becoming a love square but, I hope they continue making Kara a person and not an object to be won by a man or existing to be claimed by a man.  I’m also glad that the writers are so good at emphasizing female relationships with each other as friends, lovers, and sisters.

Overall: 8.9

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