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The Legends are True – C’thulhu Lives. Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep #3 Preview.

The ocean holds many secrets… and in the post-apocalypse, they’re coming into the open! First gill men, then the demented creatures known as “Tok-tok”… and now, David, Avery, and Keeney — survivors of the attack on Vampire City — have come bearing tales of mysterious “Depth Dwellers” who speak of an ancient god.

A sudden explosion has sent Korbin and To’klace’s group of gill men scattering for cover, and the culprit is none other than Lorren! But even the crazed gang leader is given pause when something enormous rises from the water, bringing truth to the legends and madness to all living things.

Don’t miss the newest installment of the hit series created by Philip Kim and written by Ben Meares, with moody artwork by Nat Jones.