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A 5 page Preview of Charles Forsman’s New Psychosexual Thriller Slasher

Meet Christina, a data-entry specialist in her early twenties. Seemingly timid and plain to her coworkers she harbors dangerous urges. A lion of sexual violence bubbles just below the surface. The only soul she shares these feelings with is a terminal boy named Joshua in a wheelchair that lives several states away. They strike up a love through the internet but have to keep it hidden from Joshua’s strict and over-attentive mother. Will these two broken people get the freedom to love each other or will Christina’s monster escape its cage and scratch that violent itch that taunts her?

A psychosexual thriller in the tradition of the films of Brian de Palma and David Cronenberg. This 5 issue series by Charles Forsman and published by Floating World Comics will leave you breathless and heartbroken.

Slasher #1 is available to order in this month’s Diamond Previews catalog – FEB171109


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