Review: Justice League vs Suicide Squad #6

The gangs all here and the party is over (or is it?) in the final issue of the latest Rebirth mash up arc, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #6. The two teams, Justice League and Suicide Squad, joined forces, as expected to beat the big bad from Amanda’s first failed Suicide Squad. It seems like things are going to get wrapped up with a nice little bow but, we all know better than to expect happy endings especially with an issue that starts off with the team being possessed to fight each other. Killer Frost has always been an enigma and this issue puts her front and center, she is this issues MVP. Not only does she save the teams (and world) but, when given the chance to take Lord’s life to power up after nearly killing herself to get rid if the big bads but, we find out about the inner thought process of a misunderstood Squad member. Much like Harley going sane when Zod attacked, Frost has such a handle on her issues that she goes full good and releases her fear & doubt.

Joshua Williamson brought his A game to the end of a well thought out arc. There was a real danger in this mash-up of becoming cliched and predictable but, Williamson’s great story telling gave it a nice twist. He manages to add a new dimension, a nice twist and, a level to an often used story that made it feel fresh, relatable and real. We even got treated to a couple of good twists in the end, the interaction between Batman and Amanda were just as telling, poignant and story propelling as the interaction between a caged Lord and Amanda. Both conversations and aftermaths gave us insight into Amanda’s ultimate game plan and her general feelings about the team and her missions. Williamson manages to humanize every single person involved in this story arc from the darkest and most dangerous to the seemingly innocent. There are layers in his writing that make each character feel realistic and serves the purpose of drawing you into the story and their lives, you feel invested enough allow the story to take you away and that’s true whether you just picked up this issue or have been reading the entire arc.

Howard Porter is a brilliant artist, the detail to facial expressions that give off a bit more than what is being said or heard, adds extra depth to the already well thought out panels. It’s like looking at superbly done storyboards for a movie that you really want to see. Porter’s art keeps you on the edge of your seat ( or in my case couch) fully engaged in the story that Williamson is telling and making you feel like you’re in the story.

Overall this final issue packed one heck of a punch providing some extra insight into the characters, tipping us off to more of Amanda’s plans, which may or may not include purposely making Frost pure evil and wrapping things up in this arc just well enough to leave the door open for a second glance. The creative team has taken this arc out with a bang and whether they pick it up again or let it die to be continued in bits and pieces of other comics across the Rebirth universe there is some definite magic occurring on these pages and I was blown away by this issue in a good way.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: Howard Porter
Story: 9 Art:8.6 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review