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TV Review: Arrow S5E10 Who Are You?

arrowOliver worries that Prometheus is right and really is a killer at heartl Felicity is bent on revenge after Detective Malone’s murder; Diggle fights for his life in prison.

Arrow ended it’s winter break with what appeared to be the return of Laurel Lance. This return from a bit of a break dives right into that shocking revelation with a story of time travel… but is it true? We get the full reveal in this episode which is full of twists and turns as we get the full story. I’m not going to spoil things though.

Laurel’s return is in stark contrast to the team losing a friend in that previous episode too. The two diametric experiences are played off each other quite well to create emotional ups and downs and keep viewers on their toes as to what to think and expect.

Diggle’s story continues as well. I’m not quite sure where this storyline is going, but it feels a little played out and doesn’t fit the rest of the season’s greater story. It’s like they needed something for Diggle to do, so they went with this. It hasn’t been working for me, so the sooner this is over, the better. It’s a distraction for what’s been an improved season.

The episode is a good return giving us answers about the previous episode’s shocking return and shaking things up a bit. Along with action there’s a lot of emotion to fit in what is an entertaining episode.

Overall rating: 7.95